Item ID: PNPD-11

Preciosa Nacre pearl, pearshape, 15x8mm, bordeaux, 4pcs

Preciosa Nacre pearl, pearshaped, 15x8mm. Hole size approx 1.0mm. Color: Bordeaux. Sold in pkg of 4.

Tip: Suitable for delicate angels in combination with wings (01557, 01554, 01555) and halo (METP38).

Preciosa crystal Nacre pearls are created with innovation and timeless luxury through to their core. In a finishing process similar to the organic production of pearls, several coats of "nacre" are applied to the crystal center of the pearl. This gradual build-up forms a velvety surface nearly indistinguishable from that seen in natural pearls. However, unlike natural pearls, they are highly resistant to abrasion, UV radiation, and alcohol-based perfumes.

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