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Jewelry making beginner kit, bonus: 10% discount on your next purchase

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Product Description:

Our beading kit for beginners  includes almost all you need to start making your own jewelry:

  • BONUS: 10% discount on your purchase next time you visit us (your 1-time 10% discount will be active for 2 months)

  • beading mat, so your beads don't roll around

  • 5 zip-bags with beads, so you can try different sizes, materials and colours (the bags are approx. 4x6cm big)

  • 4 clasps

  • jumprings in different sizes (approx. 100 pieces)

  • jewelry wire for necklaces (tigertail)

  • crimp beads, wire guards and crimp covers (enough to make 10 endings)

  • 5 pairs of earring hooks

  • head- and eye pins (about 55-60pcs)

  • chain, 1m

  • Beautiful small pendants

  • elastic cord, 1m

  • And a few surprises .....

Good to know:

  • the metal components may vary in different platings

  • no pliers are included, make sure you have the tools you need

  • beading mat's colour may vary

  • the beading tray you see is not included, they are sold separately

  • the beads in your 5 zip-bags may vary from delivery to delivery

  • you can never have too much beads, so treat yourself to some extra inspiration with some more assorted beads.