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Creative idea

NOTE: Design tips can not be purchased, but they can help you find insiration and the right material for your own projekt.

To this lovely necklace you will need:

Additional tips:

Determine the desired length of the necklace and then cut the chain with the wire cutter. Now it's just to gett started to attach the leaves on thejumprings, a leaf for each jumpring. Then attach them between the "ball" of the chain. How much distance you want between the leaves, is up to you. In the design tip we have put them quite tight as there are a leaf between each "ball". Here we used 23 leaves and the total length is about 35-40 cm, it is more like a choker necklace. You can of course make your neckless much longer if desired and place the leaves as a cluster, gathered in the middle of the necklace. Remember, it's only your imagination that sets limits! Good luck!

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