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NOTE: design tips may not be purchased, but they can help you find the right material if you'll get inspired:

To create this bracelet, we used:

Supplies needed

  • 1pc Bird in a Tree Button TC0166
  • 10pcs  Barrel Bead TC0097 
  • 8pcs  5mm Faceted Bead TC0247
  • 50-60cm  2mm round cord, black ex. LREM13 

Se även våra Tips & Trix för fler designtips med instruktioner.


  • scissors
  • flat nose or nylon jawed pliers OR hammer and bench block


  1. Thread cord through button shank.
  2. Move button to center, then fold cord in half.
  3. String one barrel bead onto both cords followed by one faceted bead onto one cord. Slide beads down.
  4. Repeat Step 3 seven times, stringing faceted beads on alternate cords each time.
  5. String on two barrel beads for button loop.
  6. Determine desired bracelet length and placement of button loop then position the two barrel beads accordingly.
  7. Secure first barrel bead in place by crimping with flat nose or nylon jawed pliers OR flatten slightly using hammer and bench block. Check to make sure button will fit through loop then secure second barrel bead.
  8. Tie an overhand knot in the end of each cord, positioning knots as close to button loop as desired. Trim excess cord.
  9. Spread out and arrange beads along bracelet as desired.
  10. Optional: If desired, use pliers or hammer to secure barrel beads in place along bracelet.

Tip: Feel free to check out the video above from TierraCast about how to use barrel bead, crimp bead.