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DIY-Saami inspired pewter thread bracelet, including materials, 1pc

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Product Description:

An affordable set of material for a DIY-kit of Saami inspired pewter thread bracelet.



* How to do Description, if you need a English version just leave a message at checkout!

* Reindeer leather strip about 20 cm x 2 cm

* Reindeer leather strip about 0.5 cm  x 40 cm

* Pewter thread 0.35. 2.8m (can sometimes be cut, but never shorter than 47 cm be enough for the braid).

*  Approx. 5 cm braided leather cord for button loop

* 1  button of shed reindeer antler.

* 1 needle for leather, size 7

* 1 sewing needle size 10 #

* 2 m Synthetic thread to sew the braided tin thread

* 1 m sinew


Note:Glue are not included and should be purchased separately. You will find glue here


Sami embroidery with pewter wire on reindeer leather and fabric has been done for hundreds of years in the Sami culture, and Sami actually invented the spun pewter wire. In the old days, they melted tin to make the wire and then spun it around reindeer sinew entirely by hand. Today, the wires are spun on a small machine. The pewter wire is an alloy with 4% silver. The pewter wire is sewn on to soft vegetable-tanned reindeer leather. The button is handmade of shed reindeer antler.