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Memory wire for bracelets, 5.5cm, gold-plated, 10 loops

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Product Description:

Approx 0.8-1.0 mm thick memory wire for bracelets (diameter size: 5.5cm). This wire is gold-plated. Stainless steel memory wire is rigid, pre-coiled, and it's easy to use. Just make a loop on one side, string on beads and finish with a loop or a half-drilled bead. Use in single loops or multi-loop combinations. Memory wire is very hard and may damage your cutting liers. Therefore, we recommend that you have special pliers to use when working with this wire. Sold per 10 loops.

Note that memory wire is hard and can easily destroy your regular plier when you cut it. Make sure to have a separate plier, for example 32100 , which is a special plier intended for this type of wire.