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TierraCast DIY kit, Honeybee earrings

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Product Description:

If you want to make your own lovely TierraCast * niobium earrings, you have a handy kit here. Difficulty level 1 on a 1-3 degree scale, in other words easy peasy.  If you do not have any skills what so ever of making jewelry, you can still create this bracelet gallantly. The kit contains all the material you need for these earrings, except for tools and glue. Bees represent community, productivity and sweetness. Bees and Honeycomb are perfect together in this sweet and simple earring making kit. Quality components and clear instructions make it a perfect gift for the beginner crafter.

Description in English included.

NOTE: Good to have in addition to associated materials- Chain nose pliers-Round nose plier, wire cutter.

* Niobium - a rare material that is considered to be one of the most allergy-friendly and is therefore highly recommended for those who do not tolerate nickel or other metals.