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GÉDÉO Discovery kit color and crystal resin, 150ml incl protective gloves, cups and sticks

GÉDÉO Discovery color and crystal resin kit is a kit containing: 3 x 20 ml colored resin: Ruby-Lapis-Topaz, 1 x 40 ml clear colorless crystal resin, 1 x 50 ml hardener, 1 pair of protective gloves, 2 pipettes, 3 measuring buckets, 2 spatulas. Instructions included. Extra sticks and measuring glasses can be found here.

A two-component epoxy resin consisting of resin and hardener. The resin becomes transparent after curing. The colored resins can be used together with the colorless Crystal Resin or mixed with each other for the desired shade. Suitable for castings, jewelry details, etc. up to 2 cm thick. Can be used on glass, ceramics, metal and painted wood. Cured after 24 hours, surface dry after about 12 hours. The curing time may vary slightly depending on the room temperature.

The cured resins are transformed into a clear, shiny and hard material. Used to create water effect, for example, use on polymer clay and charms to imitate water drops, cast exciting pendants with small beads, shells, sand and other things that you mix with the liquid or sink into it. Pour over your photo jewelry to create a magnifying effect. Let your imagination flow!

Feel free to read our guide on how to create beautiful jewelry with resin. You will find it and much more inspiration under "Tips & tricks".

NOTE: GÉDÉO Crystal Resin can not be mixed with GÉDÉO Biorganic Glazing Resin.


  • Irritating to skin.
  • May cause an allergic skin reaction.
  • Causes serious eye irritation.
  • Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

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