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Renaissance Wax - skyddande vax för de flesta material & ytor, ca 9ml

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 "Renaissance Wax is the #1 choice of museums, galleries and professionals worldwide for the preservation of precious pieces! It forms a durable, transparent, & lustrous protective coating that will not discolor. Use it on all metals, gems, glass, bone, mother-of-pearl, stone & more. Prevents tarnish & corrosion by creating a barrier to dirt, fingerprints & moisture. Non-staining, non-abrasive, & it cleans beautifully -- lifting oil, dirt & the murky buildup of other polishes. Use sparingly, rub lightly, & buff to a hard transparent finish (will retain a matte finish when unpolished)."

Sold in small container of about 9 ml. Instructions included.

enlightenedThis product is not available for international customersenlightened  

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