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Selvyt polishing cloth for sterling silver, 25x25cm, 1pc

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Product Description:

Selvyt® is the world's leading brand in polishing cloths for the jewelry, watchmaking and silversmiths' trade, with a reputation for excellent quality. Selvyt polishing cloths are made from 100% natural cotton. The cloth's unique surface is created using a special "W" binding system, resulting in a warm, velvet-to-the-touch texture. This special design ensures all dust particles are lifted off the surface and held in the fabric, leaving no residue. Selvyt® silver polishing cloth removes dirt and tarnish from your silver jewelry. The specially-designed impregnated cotton fabric has raised surface fibers that lift off dust and add protection to sterling silver. Caution: Do not wash polishing cloth as it will destroy the anti-tarnish impregnation. Cloth is 10x10 inches (25x25cm).