Tempered steel stamps - elder rune futhark, sold PER PC or in set of 24 pcs

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Product Description:

Steel stamps, elder futhark runes. The runes are about 4mm high, but sizes vary a bit. Sold individually or as a set, choose your option through the drop-menu above. Each rune has a sound and a meaning, here is a short beginner's guide:

1. FEHU (wealth, cattle), sound: F

2. URUZ (strength, power), sound: U

3. THURISAZ (giant, gateway), sound: Th (as in "thing")

4. ANSUZ (the god-like, signals), sound: A

5. RAIDO (journey, road), sound: R

6. KENAZ (fire, torch), sound: K

7. GEBO (gift, offer, partnership), sound: G

8. WUNJO (joy, peace), sound: W / V

9. HAGALAZ (disruption, precipitation), sound: H

10. NAUTHIS (need, constraint), sound: N

11. ISA (ice, standstill), sound: I

12. JERA (good year, harvest), sound: J

13. EIHWAZ (yew-tree, defence), sound: Ï

14. PERTH (rock, initiation), sound: P

15. ALGIZ (elk, protection), sound: S / Z

16. SOWIL, SOL (sun, wholeness), sound: S

17. TEIWAZ (warrior), sound: T

18. BERKANA (birch, growth), sound: B

19. EHWAZ (horse, movement), sound: E / Eih

20. MANNAZ (man, the self), sound: M

21. LAGUZ (water, flow), sound: L

22. INGUZ (fertility), sound: Ng (as in "thing")

23. DAGAZ (day, breakthrough), sound: D

24. ODAL (heritage, estate, possession, separation), sound: O