Metal quality: nickel-, lead- and cadmium free.

Chains: please make sure the chains are delivered on strong spools, so they dont break during shipping. It is also important to us that the chains are well-polished and well-plated with no dark parts & spots on the silver chains.

The chains should be delivered in one continuous, uncut piece on spools, no small pieces.

I want to order the items and quantity below marked with yellow color, items where the text is overwritten do not apply to this order/ Viktoria


Dainty chains:

  • Stainless steel Gold 1 roll 200m 

Stainless steel 1 roll 100m 

rose gold-plated 



  • 1.5mm ball chain, hevy silver-plated, 300m
  • 2.4mm ball chain, hevy silver-plated, 200m
  • 2.4mm ball chain, gold-plated, 100m
  • 2.4mm ball chain, antique bronze, 100m
  • 2.4mm ball chain, antique copper, 100m
  • 1.5mm stailess steel 300m


Framependant, heart shaped 25mm bronze, 30 pcs​Framependant, heart shaped 25mm antique silver, 30 pcs


Frame pendant, heart shaped 25mm

Silver, 100 pcs

Frame pendant, heart shaped 25mm

Black, 50 pcs

Frame pendant, 2mm deep, 22X30mm drop, setting, siver plated. 50 pcs



Extender chain 5cm long, stainless steel gold plated, 500 pcs

Extender chain 5cm long, heavy silver plated, 500 pcs


  • Bails, 16x6mm, heavy silver-plated, 500 pcs 


Bails, 25x9mm, heavy silver-plated, 500 pcs 

Frame pendant, round 25mm, heavy-silver plated, 100 pcs


Frame pendant, round 25mm, black, 50 pcs


Large rectangular frame pendant, 48x24mm, heavy silver-plated, 30pcs

Frame pendant, 2mm deep, 25x25mm square setting, heavy silver plated, 50 pcs

Frame pendant, 2mm deep, 25x25mm square setting, bronze, 50 pcs

Frame pendant, 2mm deep, 25x25mm square setting, copper, 50 pcs

Frame pendant, 2mm deep, 25x25mm square setting, black

100 pcs

  • Finger ring, adjustable, 20mm round setting, 100 pcs
  • Finger ring, adjustable, 16mm round setting, 100pcs
  • Connector with 25mm round bezel, silver-plated, 50pcs
  • Frame pendant, oval 25x18mm, heavy-silver plated, 300 pcs

Rhinestone bead, silver-plated, 6x2.5mm

1 000 pcs


Clear, domed glass square for frame pendant,


100 pcs

Jewelry chain, 3.5mm Rolo, silver-plated, 

400 meter


  • Jewelry chain, 2.6mm Rolo, silver-plated, 100 meter
  • Clear, domed glass oval, 40x30mm,50 pcs


Clear, domed glass oval, 25x18mm

100 pcs

Glasscabochon, domed heart 25mm

200 pcs

  • Bracelet base chain with lobster claw clasp, silverplated, links size about 4.2x5.5mm, 300pcs
Klar förstorande glascabochon för fotosmycken, 25mm, rund, 1st eller STORPACK

Glasscabochon, round 25mm

100 pcs

Glasscabochon, round 30mm

30 pcs

Heavy silver-plated necklace chain with

lobster claw clasp,

80 cm, 3mm

200 pcs

  • 50 cm, 3mm, 300 pcs

Stainless steel Connector and chain

Ball chain connectors for 1,5mm chain

1x1000 pcs

  • Ball chain connectors for 2,4mm chain 500 pcs

Finger ring, adjustable, 25mm round setting, heavysilver-plated

200 pcs Utgått!